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内容摘要:When will the west respect China?西方何时会尊重中国?Katie Pedro, APAC Regional HR Dirctor at Marvell Semiconductors (2018-present)A2A. I gave it a lo...

When will the west respect China?


Katie Pedro, APAC Regional HR Dirctor at Marvell Semiconductors (2018-present)A2A. I gave it a long thought. This is a complicated question because respect is complicated to grasp. Is liking or loving respect? Certainly not. Is admiration respect? I don’t think so. Tolerance? Tolerance is so complicated that Henrik Van Loon wrote a whole book about it. Maybe equality but equality is also up to intense and emotional debate. Here is what I read this morning and it illustrates well this topic Billy Hughes' answer to Is China hated by the west or liked? I fully agree with Billy that the West doesn’t respect China (at civilization level, each individual is different). And it won’t be for generations to come, if not never.


Think about that, why the Western people are so emotional about integration of Chinese to their society? What’s the thought process behind such demand that they just can’t let others go about their own life choices? In Australia among all residences who were born outside of Australia, the British born far exceeded Chinese and Indians, yet the British-born are NOT considered immigrants by locals. The locals are not worried the British-borns coming to live in Australia, as they concerned about Chinese and Indians, why?


Furthermore, why are the western countries are so emotional about China being authoritarian governments and constantly concerned about its people being oppressed? And why they got emotional if they heard the contrary, the Chinese people trust their government and happy about their lives? So much so that we can see bombard of questions here in Quora like “they are happy about their government now but what if their government turn bad?” “Why don’t they realize if they have democracy they can continue vote their government?” “What’s their checks and balances” etc etc. Telling them it is not their business doesn’t cut it. Telling them the Chinese can handle their own government doesn’t cut it (same goes with the Syrians, The African countries).


“You don’t know what’s best for yourself, we know better than you do. We are enlightened, now we are going to enlighten you”. That the attitude. Even the “sympathy” is authentic, that’s not respect. That’s condescending. There is no respect in condescending attitude.

So what China can do about it? Really nothing. Because feeling superior (and insecure about the superiority) is an internal emotion. It doesn’t rely on rational thinking, it can’t be reasoned or fight off, it doesn’t require mutual understanding or interaction. Not be able to respect others is their issue, not ours. So we should stop getting emotional about why don’t they respect us. We should let them to sort things out by themselves. Or not, their choice.

那么,中国对此能做什么呢?真的什么也做不了。因为优越感 (以及优越地位带来的不安全感)是一种内在的情感。它不依赖理性思维,因此也不能通过说理去反驳,它不需要相互理解或互动。不能尊重别人是他们的问题,不是我们的问题。所以我们应该停止情绪化的为什么他们不尊重我们这个问题 我们应该让他们自己来解决或者不解决这是他们自己的选择。

On a side note. Something I always want to say but didn’t find a good way to put it. We Chinese should STOP playing victim card. Gaining sympathy is not the way towards gaining respect, not even being liked. People do NOT like victims. People feel sympathetic to the victims because it is natural reaction for one but also a way of gaining a sense of superiority for themselves. People feel “up there” when looking down on the victims trapped in the shithole.


Luke Conrad, works at Hong Kong Baptist University (2017-present)In the world of colors, there is more than just white and black. There is orange, blue, yellow, and varying shades of all. However, this question is based on the assumption there are two of the following answers: The west does or does not respect China. The truth is, this question is flawed from the start because there are many different opinions of China based upon many different fabrics of institutions and society. Sure there are some people who still think of ‘China Buffet’ when they think of China, or maybe they think of a place 50 years behind, such as the Mao days. But, likewise there are people who know the truth of China, but at the same time wouldn’t unfairly try to promote it for what it isn’t—a superpower greater than America.


So, lets go back to the original question, when will the west respect China? From a geopolitical perspective, the West has and already does respect China. If you can’t see this, I’d encourage you to open your eyes. This color is white and/or black. Instead of discussing the details supporting this, lets refute the opponents counterargument, that the west doesn’t respect China. Perhaps, the biggest reason in refutation to this counterargument is globalization. The fact that western countries encouraged globalization and facilitated in the development of China as the production capital of the world, is respect towards the capabilities of the nation. I’m not going to in depth talk about other issues, i.e., military, trade wars, and other sensitive issues mainly because any large power is going to lock horns with another large power on such topics. It’s the earthly nature innate within all.


From an individual perspective, this color is grey. Differen’t people will have varying levels of respect for different societies based on a complex array of reasons. The likes of these reasons are way to complex to try to understand why. Are there people who disrespect Chinese people? Sure there are. Are there people who disrespect American people? Sure there are. But that doesn’t mean the west disrespects China.


I could expand on the details of all of this, but instead wanted to focus on the fact that some people do respect China, and some don’t. While some of these people may believe western governments don’t respect China, people should see the big picture—western governments have been respecting the Chinese government. For such a general question, I tried to expand on what we mean when we say ‘the west’.


Mike Bell, Director at Evidence Based Teachers Network (2011-present)Within ten years. I went on a visit to China last year. Most of what we are fed in the press about China in the UK is negative: human rights, Tiananmen Square, blocked Google, smog, Hong Kong democracy, dictatorship etc.I arrived in Kunming, Yunnan expecting to find the sense of oppression I had experienced in eastern Europe in the late 1970s and to be struggling with pollution etc.I walked around with my mouth open! No pollution, clean streets, no beggars/homeless, wide variety of independent shops and food outlets, moderate traffic, !!electric motorcycles!!, well run places to stay, delicious food (so much better than UK ‘Chinese takeaway), very little sexualisation of women (either clothes or depiction in adverts), everyone with a 15cm smartphone, great internet access, people hiring bikes with an app on their phone.


Where shall I stop?Once the truth starts to filter to the general population, respect will grow.Of course there will be resistance. We in the West cannot bear the idea that our version of ‘democracy’ is not the best for everyone. It will take us a while to understand the role of the Chinese Communist party and the benefits of a system like that.


Addition 1: We are told that China suppresses religion - but in Dali there is a three-sources temple in the town - Confucius, Tao, Buddha - and the Confucius Centre in the centre has been completely rebuilt in the last few years. On the outskirts there is the Guan Yin temple. Ordinary folk out shopping come in all the time to say a prayer etc. I sensed their genuinely spiritual experience.


Addition 2: I also realised why China was advancing so fast - they work steadily! Wherever I looked people seemed to be just ‘getting on with it’. I sensed this was a deep habit, centuries old in the population.


Addition 3: Dancing in the park! Amazing. Just a group of people with a music-system doing musical Tai Chi. Another small group playing instruments in the park. So unselfconscious. Just enjoying themselves.


Kien Choong, lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2018-present)Ha ha. One thing I admire about the Chinese community is that they don’t usually care about what Westerners think of them. I see this everywhere in the world in all the Chinatowns. Chinese immigrants mostly concentrate on making their lives better, and don’t much care whether Western people respect them or not.Of course, Chinese communities try their best to get along with Westerners. But they are generally happy to be left alone by Westerners.It seems however that Westerners can’t leave the Chinese alone. Since the days of Marco Polo, the West have always been curious about the Chinese.

Kien Choong,住在马来西亚吉隆坡哈哈,我很佩服华人社会的一点,就是他们通常不关心西方人对他们的看法,我在世界各地的唐人街看到这一点,中国移民大多全力以赴改善他们的生活,不太关心西方人是否尊重他们。当然,中国人尽量与西方人相处但他们通常都很乐于自已过自己的。然而,西方人似乎不会对中国人不闻不问。自从马可波罗时代以来,西方一直对中国人感兴趣。

Sam TeppeWhen will the West respect China?I don’t think the West will ever respect China. The West never respect anyone. Culturally, their mindset is Christianized and Christianity as a religion never teaches the concept of RESPECT.Christians would talk to you saying “God loves you”, but you would never hear them saying “God respects you!” God respects no one; he only commands human with his will; that’s what Christians have learned from their God.


Whatever Christians think it right, they would push on everyone else; they say it’s good for you, you have to accept it; if you don’t, they would use guns to force you. The West never allow non-Christians the space and freedom to choose different things. Whatever they believe, even man-made thing, such as democracy or human rights, will become the “new bible” in their hands.


Christianity (Paul) has taught the Westerners to represent their God or to be with their God together to give the rest of the world the “final judgement”, or some kind of judgement, while no one but their God can judge them. That’s why people only see that the leaders of non-Western countries are put on the International Court, but never see a single leader from Western countries has been put on trail of ICJ, no matter what crimes he committed.


On the contrast, the first thing Buddhism teaches is RESPECT, “Do not force your own will on others, regardless how beneficial you believe for that person”. When I studied Buddhism, the message I got was that love is a strong emotion and its opposite side is hate, another strong emotion. Love and hate are the 2 sides of the same coin, and all animals possess these 2 emotions and both can blind wisdom. Only human can cultivate respect, because when you respect someone, you put you and that person at equal status and recognize you both are 2 branches of the same tree. Respect is not an emotion, but a wisdom.


In Buddhism, the concept of equality is “I treat others as equal,” while in the West, equality means “ others treat me as equal, but I don’t have to treat others equally”. That’s why the founding fathers of the US fought for equality against the British, but at the same time sustaining slavery.


All animals want to be treated equally, but only human (cultivated) are capable treat others equally. I don’t think we Chinese should expect respect from the West. They do not have the culture gene for it.


Ashutosh Joshi, B.Sc. from Kumaoun UniversityThe West won't respect China and that's the bottomline. The bloc lead by US and it's sycophants hates competition, especially one coming from the opposite bloc. Unless there's a sudden change in global power dynamics and the western hegemony on world affairs comes to an abrupt end, that status quo shall prevail. And what are the odds for that, anybody's guess!!


Anyways, I think China's bitter-sweet relation with the west is an ideal choice for now. Not towing their line in particular. The one thing I personally appreciate is, China unlike many fellow Asian countries has not become a lap-dog of the west and instead of begging respect it has been able to demand the same. Being economically, militarily and technologically strong and innovative, I feel it will continue to pave its way forward.


Of course, it doesn't mean that everything is right or perfect. The critics on oppressive regime and a bullying attitude towards neighbour nations aren’t entirely wrong. But then again, we as third party observers, as nationalists, or even brainwashed civilians (in some cases), will never have an exact or near correct opinion on what's wrong within China. It's only for the Chinese citizens to ascertain and introspect, if need be. Again, there's always a cost to everything but the fact remains that things are quite the opposite of what's projected in the western media to shape or rather fang an anti Chinese opinion. It happens here in my country too, the media leads the opinion and the nationalists follow. But despite that people see through it. Now consider the current trade war with US for instance. Who went into the witch-hunting mode with all the wishful thinking and imposing those tariff on imports. The best part though was, how Xi Regime handled it by showing mirror to Trump. Okay! I am not an expert and even lack basic knowledge, nonetheless I felt that not succumbing to US pressure was the still the apt. way!


Jake Lin, lives in TaiwanThroughout history, China along with Chinese people have always been respected by the West as an advanced civilization that invented many things. China’s economy has for most part of history been at the top. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when Europe industrialized while China closed off to the rest of the world, that made China become poorer until recent times. In the last 30 years, China has advanced greatly and has now become a superpower second only to the United States. 20 years ago, many Westerners didn’t respect China much until nowadays as China’s affairs and dealings are frequently on main stream news for everyone in the world to take notice of.I believe the trend will still continue, that China will continually grow and advance militarily, technologically, economically, etc…and will become more and more of a global influence. We are just starting to see the beginning…sure, we have “awoken the giant”!


Chen Dalun (陳達侖), Chinese national.The West respects China’s power by making its people disrespect China. Otherwise, the idea of the West would collapse in no time.Make China looks like a demon. Make China looks like a shithole. So that people in the West will not suffer from questioning themselves, “Are we walking on the correct path? Are our leaders making good decisions? Are we still standing on the highland of humanity? Most importantly, are our race, culture, and institution truly superior? ”.If people in the West begin to keep their eyes open on their beds at night thinking of these question, some people will get into trouble. Those are the people who would prefer others just consider China a shitty demon.

陈达仑 中国公民西方向中国致敬的方式就是西方人民不尊重中国。否则,西方的观念很快就会崩溃。让中国看上去像妖魔鬼怪。让中国看起来像个混蛋。这样西方人民就不会自问:我们走在正确的道路上吗?我们的领导人做出了正确的决定吗?我们还站在人类的高地上吗?最重要的是,我们的种族、文化和制度真的优越吗?。如果西方人晚上开始睁大眼睛在床上思考这些问题,有些人就会陷入困境。所以这些人更愿意让只是把中国看成是一个肮脏的恶魔。

Iracnia HaxPersonally I do see much respect between China and the West. Of course that respect must go both ways in order for it to grow.But it is also difficult to say “West” and “China” with such all encompassing generalisation. People in the “West” have a lot of different reasons for giving their respect. Things like justice, freedom, warfare, or lack of warfare, pollution, economic strength, and so on. Many of these things, are opposites. One person in the west may respect China for their economic strength, another person may hate China for giving in to Western consumerism, and becoming polluting of the planet. One person may love the way China can get things done so quickly, due to their system of government, another person may see that system as oppressive and restrictive. But these are small issues in the grand scale of international relations.In general, as long as China do not begin to take part in any military opposition to the West, and vica versa, then respect will remain, and grow. Peace is always the real bottom line, when it comes to good international relations.
Iracnia Hax
就我个人而言,我认为中国和西方之间有很大的尊重。当然,这种尊重必须是双向的,这样才能成长。但也很难说,因为“西方中国这样的概念具有包罗万象的概括性。所谓西方的人有很多不同的理由来尊重别人。比如正义、自由、战争或缺乏战争、污染、经济实力等等。其中许多因素截然相反的。 西方的一个人可能会因为他们的经济实力而尊重中国,而另一个人可能讨厌中国屈服于西方的消费主义,并对地球造成污染。一个人可能喜欢中国的政府制度让中国能够如此迅速地达成目标另一个人可能认为这个制度是压迫和限制的。但在国际关系的大范围内,这些都是小问题。一般来说,只要中国不开始参与对西方的任何军事对,双方的尊重就是继续和发展反之亦然当它涉及良好的国际关系时和平总是真正的底线。

Anderson Jacobus, Philosopher of LawThe question suggests that right now western countries do not. Where is your proof of this?The three western leaders I have met personally, Emmanuel Macron, Mark Rutte and Jancinda Ahern (France, Holland and New Zealand fit your definition of ‘the west’) have great respect for China and for the Chinese people.They are, however, concerned about aspects of China’s peaceful rise that are borne out of genuine concern for peace and stability in the world and I believe equally genuine concern for those Chinese who do not agree with the Beijing government, are lawyers who have represented the ‘wrong’ clients, were married to the ‘wrong’ Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, practice the ‘wrong’ religion, come from the ‘wrong’ hometown, belong to the ‘wrong, low-end population’, wrote the ‘wrong’ thing online, told the ‘wrong’ thing at work, etc.It is only right to speak up for the many people who are ‘wrong’, respectfully. As Chinese state/Party media is very eager t do when something is wrong in one of those western countries!

安德森·雅各布斯,法律哲学家这个问题暗示现在西方国家没有尊重中国。你的证据是什么?我亲自见过的三位西方领导人-埃曼纽尔·拉特(Emmanuel马克龙)、马克·鲁特(Mark Rutte)和詹辛达·埃亨(Jancinda Ahern)-(法国、荷兰和新西兰符合你对西方的定义)非常尊重中国和中国人民。然而,他们关注的是中国和平崛起的一些方面,这些方面都来自于对世界和平与稳定的真正关注。我相信,对于那些不同意北京政府的中国人,他们也同样真诚地保持了关注:这些人包括接收了“错误客户的律师,嫁给了错误的诺贝尔和平奖获得者,做了‘事’的人信仰了“错误的”宗教;来自错误的家乡,属于错误的,低端人群,在网上写了错误的东西,在工作中报告了‘错误的事情,等等。满怀尊敬地为许多错误的人说话是正确的。因为中国的媒体非常渴望在其中一个西方国家出现问题时为这些人大声疾呼

Swaminathan SaDon't expect respect from the west. The western people themselves need a lot to learn in life. Their civilization inherently lacks eco sensitivity, they think humans are the only lives that have rights, their science does not understand the subject but tries to understand the object, they cannot stop the thinking process and have little knowledge about self mastery. There is surely something to learn from western people or for that matter any civilization though. I do learn attitude and lot other things from western people. What I mean to say is they have big problems to sort out themselves.
Swaminathan Sa

Robert Free, lived in ChinaIt does. That's what respect is. Acting with an assumption of equity. Perhaps you are thinking of subservience. The so called West will never serve China. It will and does treat it maturely. Cooperating, negotiating, criticising and being criticised. Western countries criticise themselves. China doesn't. This creates an expectation in the west that criticism is helpful and in China that criticism is rude.Respect isn't given ;it's earned. It can't be demanded. Only criminals demand respect at gunpoint. People get respect by earning it. China and every country gets the respect it has earned. East and West. North and South. China has earned some respect and gets it.


Mikkel Andersen, studied at Stu Sports Ulbølle DenmarkMany people in my western country has respect for China, I might even say that it’s the majority. The only western country I really see that’s opposed to China is USA. Here in Europe China builds stuff and sells lots of stuff we like and I haven’t seen in my Country on the news any negativity towards China. Rather many people are interested in China and their future and actually sees it as one of the safest bets on global politics.USA do not equal west. Western civilization has about 1,5 billion people and most are neutral to China.

麦克尔·安德森 在丹麦Stu Sports Ulbølle学习在西方国家,许多人都尊重中国,我甚至可以说是多数人。我看到的唯一一个反对中国的西方国家是美国。在欧洲,中国制造和销售我们喜欢的东西,而我国家新闻上没有看到对中国有任何负面的看法。很多人对此很感兴趣。中国和他们的未来实际上是全球政治最安全的赌注之一。美国不等于西方。西方文明大约有15亿人口,而且大多数对中国都是中立的。

Wansai OunkeoRespect comes in many flavours.If you agree that the West sees China as serious global competition, enough that they feel threatened by this competition, then that is respect. One does not have much respect for those who cannot provide suitable challenge.Maybe it is not the kind of respect you want, but it is credible respect nonetheless.
Wansai Ounkeo

Apostolis Anastasiou, Programmer at Freelancing (2016-present)I’m not very experienced over the topic. But to my experience and from what I’ve seen so far, China now is the grown bullied kid that wants to take revenge from the West and tries to become the most powerful country by nationalizing everything.China has pulled itself far away from the Western standards the last decade. That is because its economy grows, because it’s the Center Hardware Market of all the Hardware Industry and that gave China the weapon to get more and more money so they can take a “Revenge” from the West from bullying them. Now China feels like it kinda wants to show off their power to the West.


Respect is something that can not be forced. If China feels that they have to take strict restrictions in their own country, and they feel the urge to make the “Foreigners” feel like complete Foreigners even if they live 30 years in the Mainland China and they even have kids there and a job, and hating on everything even on their Japanese neighbors … objectively speaking I don’t think China will get any respect from that.


Respect isn’t gained by hating, nor nationalizing everything, nor revenging, or making ridiculous restrictions.Personally, I will respect them when they will start having a free-open-mind and their emotions will calm down. The situation in China is just too tense.






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